Commission / Second Hand

Do you have some great pieces in your closet that don’t fit anymore, and you don’t know what to do with them?

Are you interested in a commission contract?

Set up an appointment with us and bring your clothes along! We’ll form a commission contract with you and take care of the sale. The profits will then be split according to the conditions in the contract.

Because we want to offer our customers an outstanding selection, the clothing should

– be in style and
– be appropriate for the season.
– be washed and/or cleaned.
– NOT have any holes or stains.
– women’s fashion starting at size 46
– men’s fashion starting at size 60
– accessories, jewellery, and bags can also be accepted for commission

Please note that you MUST
book a viewing appointment with us via phone or e-mail❗

This lets us discuss other commission agreements/conditions and answer your questions in advance.

Contact us here