„Finally a great piece of clothing that fits with enough space!“

Do you also have clothing in your wardrobe that fit you years ago but now only takes up space? Then bring your well-preserved and clean clothes to us! We then set up a commission contract and take care of the sale. Together, we determine the price range, the proceeds will then be shared accordingly.

If you are interested in giving your clothes to us in commission, we ask you to arrange an appointment with us by phone or by mail.

Please pay attention to the following things:

We are only accepting washed or cleaned pieces.

Please pay attention to the integrity of your clothing, holes and stains are exclusion criterias.

We want to give our discerning customers an excellent choice, so the pieces should be in line with the current fashion and season . We take women’s fashion from size 16 , men’s fashion from size 5X . Accessories, jewelry and bags can also be given into commission.

The prices will be set at our discretion. For special pieces arrangements can be made.

The commission period is 8 weeks. We reserve the possibility of an extension. After the expiry of the commission period, pieces must be picked up within 10 days by previous phone appointment. Otherwise, the pieces will be donated to a charitable organization.

You have great pieces in your wardrobe and you are interested in a commission contract?
Contect us at GrößenWahnsinn.