Our Collection – Lip and Lymph edema clothing


Millions of women and many men are affected, and most of them don’t know it:
Lipodoema and lymphodoema, as well as venous diseases, are finally being diagnosed more quickly.

Patients with these often think they’re just very large, especially around the arms and legs.
Stylish clothing with a special fit is the type of challenge GrößenWahnsinn likes! Check us out for an attractive collection with matching colours and compression-compatible arm and leg widths.

We’re always trying to teach more suppliers about these fit requirements, and expanding our range of products!


Trousers are often uniquely challenging. Nobody should have to struggle their way into tight, poorly fitting trousers that pinch all over, squeezing the air out of you.

Don’t be shy if you need a new pair of trousers that’s both comfortable and flattering. Let us know what you’re looking for, and let us advise you. We know our trousers and will find the right fit for you, from traditional jeans and colourful summer trousers to a chic yet comfy pair for the office.
This saves you a lot of frustration at the store.